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For a wide variety of reasons, some biological parents become unable or unwilling to continue caring for their children. In such cases, other responsible adults can step into the role. When that adult is another family member, such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle, the caregiver relationship often starts informally. I can assist in the appointment of a guardianship to allow that person to have the legal authority to care for the child and later handle the process to petition the court for adoption.

Whether you’ve been serving as a guardian of a family member or someone you have no biological ties to, you may have the opportunity to officially adopt. At The Law Office Of Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC, I meet the adoption law needs of clients throughout Michigan, including representing clients in guardianship adoption matters.

Adoption Gives The Child Permanence

An adult with guardianship over a child assumes nearly all the responsibilities of a parent but is not granted parental rights. Typically, the child’s biological parent(s) will retain parental rights, which could cause issues if there is a disagreement over how to care for or raise the child. It also means that the guardianship is necessarily temporary – the legal parents can come back at any time and request that the guardianship be terminated. This can be difficult for children, who need stability and predictability in their lives.

By contrast, adoption is permanent. It severs the parental rights of the biological parents and transfers those rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents as if the child was born to them.

How My Firm Can Help You Through The Guardianship Adoption Process

Guardians can pursue the adoption of a minor child after that child has been in their care for two years. Before an adoption can take place, the court must be able to terminate the parental rights of the biological parents. If the biological parents will not consent to the adoption of the child there must be a hearing to terminate their rights involuntarily. The process from guardianship to adoption can be complicated. I can assist you.

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I am among a small group of Michigan attorneys who exclusively practice adoption law. This is my passion, and I am honored when clients trust me to help them build their families. To discuss your legal options with me during a free initial consultation, call my office in West Bloomfield Township at 248-220-3870 or submit an online contact form.