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A Trusted Resource For The Adoption Law Needs Of Michigan Families

Whether you are looking to grow your family through adoption or want to place a child for adoption, you need and deserve the support of a knowledgeable and caring legal professional. Throughout Michigan, the firm to contact is The Law Office Of Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC.

I have been practicing law since 1990 and focused exclusively on adoption law since 2008. This has given me extensive experience in both Michigan and interstate adoption cases. My strict code of ethics and values serve as guideposts to help see my clients through the sometimes-arduous family formation processes. As a client, you will receive personalized attention and supportive representation throughout the duration of your legal matter, and you can be confident that I care deeply about ensuring your well-being and the well-being of the adoptee.

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Representing Any Party In Nearly Any Type Of Adoption

Because I focus exclusively on adoption law, I have gained in-depth experience representing all parties to an adoption proceeding. I represent expectant mothers/parents as they seek to find a loving home for a newborn. I help adoptive parents grow their families through private adoption. I strengthen family bonds through the facilitation of guardianship adoptions and adult adoptions, and I sometimes even represent adoption agencies.

This diversity of experience has strengthened my skills as an attorney. I can see your case from every angle, help you anticipate common problems and find workable solutions to unexpected issues that may arise.

What You Can Expect As A Client

When clients trust me to guide them on this important journey, it is a responsibility I take very seriously. As your adoption lawyer, I will:

  • Carefully explain the legal process you are about to undertake: your rights, available choices, anticipated costs and what to expect at each step
  • Treat you and other parties with kindness, dignity and respect, offering the opportunity to speak openly without being judged
  • Maintain strict ethical standards and preserve your confidentiality
  • Tailor my services to your particular situation while making sure all legal requirements are met, whether you are seeking to adopt or place a child for adoption
  • Answer your questions – even the hard ones
  • Refer you to experienced professionals for home studies, counseling, support groups and health care needs
  • Coordinate payment of living and other expenses for expectant mothers so that only lawful expenses are paid, preventing later challenges to the adoption
  • Facilitate post-placement contact between expectant parents and adoptive parents, if desired

I am one of only about 10 attorneys in Michigan who make adoption law the sole focus of their practice. It is my passion, and I am honored to help individuals and their families during such a critical time in their lives.

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Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC represents clients throughout Michigan. I offer my services for flat fees or at competitive hourly rates, depending on the situation. I also make it easy to explore your legal options by offering free initial consultations. To get started, call my office in West Bloomfield Township at 248-220-3870 or submit an online contact form.