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Why Work With An Adoption Attorney Instead Of An Agency?

A good starting point for your adoption journey is to decide whether to use an attorney or agency to handle the adoption process. Every adoption must comply with the law and be approved by the court. In the U.S., at least as many newborns are placed through attorney-assisted adoptions as through agency adoptions.

In Michigan, many individuals and couples have turned to The Law Office Of Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC for assistance with growing their family. I have more than 30 years of total legal experience, and I have been exclusively practicing adoption law since 2008.

The Benefits Of Using An Adoption Attorney

Here are some of the numerous advantages of working with an adoption attorney like me:

Independent And Dedicated Legal Representation

In an attorney-assisted adoption, also called independent adoption, direct placement or private adoption, the adoptive parents and expectant mother (or expectant parents) are required to have their own attorney. That way, each party has their own advocate in their corner who will put their interests first.

Your attorney will understand complex adoption laws and how they apply to the specifics of your case. They will also provide an unbiased explanation of adoption methods and resources and help you develop a legally secure plan tailored to your needs. Finally, your attorney can help resolve any problems that arise between you and the other party during the adoption process and negotiate with the other party’s attorney, if necessary.

In a direct placement adoption, the baby is discharged from the hospital directly to the adoptive parents.

Quick Response To Legal And Procedural Problems

Experienced adoption attorneys are accustomed to dealing with the legal system and the courts. Because of this, they can assess any risks involved in your situation, such as whether the adoption might become contested, and help you plan accordingly. if a contest should arise (such as when a expectant father opposes an adoption and the expectant mother wants it to move forward), your attorney can evaluate how best to handle this challenge.

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