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Understanding Michigan’s Adoption Laws And Expected Costs

Parenthood often comes with significant complexity and financial expenses. While there are many unknowns, it is important to be prepared with whatever knowledge is available. If you have questions as a prospective adoptive parent, speaking with an experienced adoption attorney is a great way to prepare for the road ahead. No matter where you live in Michigan, you can turn to The Law Office Of Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC for knowledgeable advice and experienced guidance.

I have been a practicing attorney since 1990, and I have been exclusively focused on adoption law statewide since 2008. Whether you are a prospective adoptive parent or considering placing a child for adoption, I can help.

An Attorney With In-Depth Knowledge Of Interstate Adoption Laws

The laws of adoption are complex and vary widely from state to state. The differences affect all aspects of adoption, such as:

  • What living expenses can be paid to an expectant mother, and for how long
  • How soon after birth can a consent can to adoption be signed
  • Whether the expectant parent(s) can revoke the consent and, if so, for how long
  • How long it takes to finalize the adoption

In interstate adoptions, where the parties live in different states, the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children comes into play, and an adoption attorney must know how to navigate this process. It’s crucial that your adoption complies with the law. Consulting a highly knowledgeable attorney is an invaluable investment.

I handle adoptions within Michigan as well as between Michigan and all other states. In fact, more than half of the adoptions my firm participates in are Interstate, and I navigate the complexities of the Interstate Compact on a regular basis. I have colleagues in every state who are ready to assist with any aspect of your interstate adoption that takes place in their state.

What To Expect With Adoption Costs And Fees

Fees and costs are a significant concern to every client. I tailor my fee structure to the particulars of your case: Some cases are handled on a flat-fee basis, some on an hourly basis. I try to keep my fees reasonable and my work cost-effective.

Most of my adoption clients qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which is currently a non-refundable tax credit of approximately $16,000 for adoption-related expenses including attorney fees. Additionally, a growing number of employers are providing adoption assistance programs for their employees. There are also grants and loans available to help finance an adoption, such as through the Gift of Adoption Fund or the National Adoption Foundation.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions From Adoption Clients

You likely have questions if you are just beginning your adoption journey. Below, I’ve answered some of the questions prospective clients often ask.

What is the federal adoption tax credit, and how can it help me?

For those who qualify, the federal government gives a non-refundable tax credit for adoption expenses, including attorney fees, for domestic private adoptions not including stepparent adoptions. The amount of the credit has been increasing every year. As of 2024, the maximum available credit was $16,810 per child.

What fees will be paid and when?

My firm provides efficient, cost-effective service, well within the national average of fees for these cases. I pride myself on “excellence meets affordability.” Depending on the type of case, the fee structure may be hourly or flat-fee.  Typically, clients pay a retainer fee at the beginning of my involvement in each case, with additional payments made according to a schedule. I expect that bills will be paid in full before your adoption is finalized.

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