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Find Your Family At Any Age: Adult Adoptions In Michigan

The Law Office Of Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC is a law firm providing adoption law representation to clients throughout Michigan. My in-depth knowledge and experience in this legal area allow me to offer a wide range of adoption services, including adult adoptions. On this page, I discuss the “why” and “how” of adopting an adult in Michigan.

Common Reasons For Adult Adoption

Adult adoption is a legal process in Michigan that allows one adult to adopt another adult, creating a parent-child relationship. Because both parties are adults, there is no element of child-rearing or decision-making authority, but adult adoptions are nonetheless meaningful for many reasons.

As one example, you might want to formalize a long-standing parental relationship with a stepchild or foster child who is now an adult. Adult adoption can also be used to ensure that someone who has been like a parent to you, such as a godparent or close family friend, is legally recognized as your parent.

One of the main benefits of adult adoption is that it can provide emotional security and a sense of belonging. It solidifies family bonds and can be especially meaningful if you have shared an informal parent-child relationship for many years. Additionally, adult adoption can simplify legal matters, such as inheritance rights and medical decision-making authority, by formally establishing familial ties.

Understanding The Process And Requirements

Adopting an adult is considerably easier and faster than adopting a child. Requirements are minimal: Both the adopting parent(s) and the adult being adopted must consent to the adoption; each must be at least 18 years old and competent to give consent.

If the adoptee still has living parents, they will be given notice that the adoption is taking place. However, they do not need to give consent, nor would their objections interfere with the proceedings.

You will need to file a petition with the family division of the circuit court in the county where either party resides. The petition should include basic information about both parties and the reasons for the adoption.

Once the petition is filed, parties will attend a scheduled hearing, during which the judge will review the details of the case to ensure that the adoption is in the best interests of both parties. If the judge approves the adoption, a final order will be issued, and the adult adoptee will legally become the child of the adoptive parent(s).

Why Work With Teri B. Rosenzweig PLC?

Whatever your reasons may be – symbolic, practical or legal – adult adoption is still a formal legal proceeding, and it can be helpful to work with an experienced attorney. My firm has been exclusively focused on adoption law since 2008, and I am honored to assist clients of all ages as they build the family ties they didn’t inherit biologically.

I understand that the decision to pursue adult adoption is deeply personal, and I am committed to guiding you through the legal process with care and professionalism, ensuring that your new family relationship is legally recognized and that your rights are protected.

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