What is Adoption?

Adoption creates the legal relationship of parent and child between persons who are not each other's biological parent or child. It is largely governed by state law, so the laws of adoption will vary state-by-state.

Adoption is a wonderful option for expanding your family. Whether you always knew you wanted to adopt, have chosen adoption after struggling with infertility or are stepping forward to raise a grandchild, families built through adoption are as loving, strong, and secure as “ordinary” families, if not more so.  

Starting the adoption journey can be daunting. The laws of adoption are complex, and it's crucial to do it right. That's why working with an expert is essential. I offer the expertise that only comes from handling many adoptions, and years of ongoing education and training. You can be confident that whether you are planning on a direct placement adoption, stepparent adoption, relative adoption, guardian adoption, adult adoption,  Michigan or interstate adoption, I know what needs to be done at each stage of the process.

Direct Placement Adoption

A direct placement adoption is one where an attorney, instead of an agency, arranges the adoption and makes sure all applicable laws are complied with. The prospective adoptive parent or parents finds a willing biological parent or guardian who plans to place a child for adoption. The adoptive parent(s) are carefully screened with a homestudy, performed by a social worker. After the child is born, the biological parent or guardian transfers physical custody directly to the prospective adoptive parent(s), and legally consents to the adoption by the adoptive parents she's chosen, not to an agency or the state.

Our Direct Placement Services 

  • Explain your rights and the applicable adoption laws and develop a legally secure plan tailored to your needs.
  • Provide referrals for your homestudy and counseling, if requested.
  • Refer the expectant parent or guardian to an experienced adoption attorney so they have their own representative through the process.
  • Make sure the expectant mother is getting prenatal care and is referred for preplacement counseling.
  • Determine what living expenses can be paid for the expectant mother, and facilitate reasonable payments.
  • Assess any risks involved, and make sure the birth parents' rights are permanently terminated before the adoption is finalized.

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