The Basics of My Practice

I will:

  • Carefully explain the legal process you are about to undertake: your rights, available choices, anticipated costs and what to expect at each step.
  • Treat each client with kindness, dignity and respect, offering the opportunity to speak openly without being judged.
  • Maintain strict ethical standards and preserve your confidentiality.
  • Tailor our services to your particular situation, while making sure all legal requirements are met - whether you are seeking to adopt or place a child for adoption.
  • Answer your questions, even the hard ones. 
  • Refer you to experienced professionals for home studies, counseling, support groups and health care needs.  
  • Coordinate payment of living and other expenses for birthmothers, so that only lawful expenses are paid, preventing later challenges to the adoption. 
  • Facilitate post-placement contact between birthparents and adoptive parents, if desired.

Why Choose My Help?

I have extensive experience in both Michigan and interstate cases. My strict code of ethics and values serve as guideposts to help see our clients through the sometimes-arduous family formation processes.

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