Adoption Law

The laws of adoption are complex, and vary widely from state to state.  The differences affect all aspects of adoption, such as what living expenses can be paid to a birth mother, and for how long; how soon after birth a consent can be signed; whether the birth parent(s) can revoke the consent and if so, for how long; and how long it takes to finalize the adoption.   In interstate adoptions, where the parties live in different states, the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children comes into play, and an adoption attorney must know how to navigate this process.   It's crucial that your adoption complies with the law, or else it could be subject to challenge at a later time.  That's why it's crucial to work with an expert.

I handle adoptions between Michigan and any other state.  In fact, about half of our adoptions are Interstate, and we navigate the complexities of the Interstate Compact on a regular basis.  I have colleagues in every state with the expertise to assist with any aspect of your interstate adoption that takes place in their state.

Adoption Costs

Fees and costs are a significant concern to every client.  I tailor my fee structure to the particulars of your case:  some cases are handled on a flat-fee basis, some on an hourly basis.  I try to keep my fees reasonable and my work cost-effective. 

Most of my adoption clients qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which currently can reimburse over $13,000.00 for adoption-related expenses including attorney fees.  And, more and more employers provide adoption assistance programs for their employees.  There are also grants and loans available to help finance an adoption, such as through the Gift of Adoption Fund,, or the National Adoption Foundation,

Please contact me to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your situation in detail and explain our fee structure.